To Trade Or Not to Trade

By Sabrina Risley
Business owners and professionals often receive requests from their colleagues and fellow networkers to trade services rather than exchange money and pay for services.  Trading is a common practice that takes place when two (or more) parties mutually agree that they would like to receive each other’s services without exchanging money. But is this practice good for business?
There are mixed reviews about the practice of trading, but experience tells us it isn’t always the best practice for growing your business and here is why.
First, it is my opinion that trades are rarely equal between parties.  Most

often, one party feels short-changed and that they didn’t receive enough value, or feels what they gave was worth more.  This doesn’t promote the positive outcome that was anticipated and can, in fact, lead to feelings of resentment, causing unanticipated friction in the relationship.

Second, trading blocks the money energy flow from person to person.  In essence, money is energy and the act of trading, without having money exchanged, blocks this energy flow.  Money, when in circulation, is very powerful and the mere act of giving and receiving money can attract even more money into your life and business. Additionally, if both parties feel the trade is equal, then why not exchange money and everyone wins? If one party’s product or service costs more than the other, perhaps it wasn’t an equal exchange to begin with.
Third, trading can diminish the quality and level of service or value one receives.  We’ve all heard “you get what you pay for” meaning, if you didn’t pay a lot or received something for free, you probably won’t get a lot out of it.  When you engage in trading, you actually block the receiving party from gaining the full experience of what you offer. Keep in mind that individuals inherently value what they pay for more than what they receive for free.
Now, despite these points, if you feel you have a great and equal trade before you, before proceeding, be sure each party equally wants what the other has to offer. If the there is a cost disparity, perhaps one party pays the difference to be sure all is equal. But trade in moderation. Focus on paying for the services you need, know that the money energy will come as you participate in the flow, and be on the lookout for your next paying client.
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