Building Rapport For Immediate Results

By Andrea Costantine

In the business and marketing world, experts agree that people do business with individuals they know, like and trust. Building rapport with others helps to establish the know-like-trust factor, thereby increasing your potential to do business with those you meet while networking.  Rapport is a critical to growing your business, building trust, and improving your relationship with others. High levels of rapport allow potential clients to move through your sales cycle faster, converts clients to utilize your services longer, and helps them to easily and quickly begin referring business to you.

So, what is rapport?  Rapport can be defined in a variety of ways however each has its place in the daily work of a professional.  An online search defines rapport as:

*A relationship of mutual understanding or trust and agreement between people

* Commonality of perspective: being in “sync” with, or “being on the same wavelength” as the person you are talking with.

* A feeling of comfort or connectedness between people

* The presence of harmony, trust, and cooperation in relationship

By the definitions alone you can gather the importance rapport has on not only attracting new clients and business partners, but actually retaining them for long-term profitable relationships.

Building rapport is a learned skill and understanding some basic yet key points about how you interact with others can significantly improve the rapport you have with them.  Rapport can be gained by finding commonality, offering compliments when appropriate, acknowledging others, heart-based listening and effectively communicating.  Even words, body language and tone all contribute to increasing or decreasing your rapport with others.

While entrepreneurs and professionals may realize the importance of rapport, many often forget to establish rapport first or struggle with understanding how to effectively and quickly build rapport to connect with new contacts. While establishing rapport with others is often subconscious and intuitive, the ability to build rapport is a skill that can be developed with training, tweaking, practice and awareness.

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Andrea Costantine is a writer, speaker, and wanna-be artist, focusing on the good things in life.  She is a perpetual optimist, lover of nature, yoga, travel, and new experiences.  Learn more about Andrea at

No Brown Cows in This Pasture!

by Sabrina Risley

What do companies like Starbucks, JetBlue, KrispyKreme and Apple all have in common?  They are Purple Cows.  They are the trailblazers in their industry, pioneering their new and innovative product(s) or approach.  In his book Purple Cow: Transform Your Business By Being Remarkable, marketing guru and best-selling author, Seth Godin argues that no matter how many marketing dollars you throw at your business, it is wasteful spending if your company isn’t unique, memorable, worth talking about, phenomenal, or just down-right remarkable in the first place.  Be the purple cow amidst a field of brown cows or risk being ordinary, invisible and left behind. 

So where do you start as you embark on this idea of “reinventing” your business and becoming a purple cow?  First, I highly recommend you read the book Purple Cow.  It’s an easy and entertaining read, with practical examples and stories.  In the meantime, start with these 3 considerations, loaded with questions to get you thinking.

Go From Good to Remarkable.  These days, even being “very good,” is ordinary.  What would it take to turn your very good widget into an extraordinary widget?  What can you do to trigger a bit of controversy or teeter on the edge of outrageous?  What can you do to increase your “gossipability” factor?  Push the limits to make your widget the tallest or shortest, the biggest or smallest, the most expensive or the most affordable.

Reflect on Suggestions, Recommendations and Complaints.  When someone provides you with a suggestion, if your inclination is to brush it off, then STOP… that is the very suggestion to which you need to pay the most attention.  An outside perspective might be just what you need to go from very good to remarkable.  What are some of the recommendations you’ve rejected as too far-fetched?   Fetch them for reconsideration.  Is there a gap you can fill between what consumers are receiving as compared to what they really want?  What would make their life easier?  What is missing from what your widget provides today?   What can you add (or take away) that would cause your raving fans to boast even more?  What can be done to address complaints you’ve received?  Consider the one risky suggestion you could implement that would yield a better widget.

Dare to Compare.  In order to stand out from the crowded marketplace, you need to deviate from the norm.   What is your competition doing and can you do the opposite?  What would you change about what market leaders are doing to make your widget more remarkable?   Is there a different niche or target market you can serve?  Think about noteworthy widgets in your market.  What can you do to take it to the next, or at least a different level?

With competition fierce and more companies than you care to think about vying for consumer spending dollars, you really need set yourself apart.  Following the mold that  everyone else is “doing it this way” or that you have always “done it this way” is not going to increase your “gossipability” factor.  Be that purple cow in the pasture with the ordinary brown cows and stand out as something worth talking about.

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Feel free to share this article in its entirety and include the Bio information below along with live link back to this blog post.  Thank you.

Sabrina Risley founded Behind The Moon, Inc.® in 2003, a Colorado-based networking and referral group organization that sets itself apart with its motto “grow your business by helping others grow theirs.” Behind The Moon offers several networking events across Colorado’s Front Range, as well as referral groups that attract professionals who network to give rather than get.  You will find Sabrina speaking to audiences about effective networking techniques, the power of partnerships, and principles of service and giving as a means to grow a business.  To learn more about Behind The Moon, please visit

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