About Sabrina Risley

Sabrina Risley founded Behind The Moon, Inc.® in 2003, a Colorado-based networking and referral group organization that sets itself apart with its motto “grow your business by helping others grow theirs.” Behind The Moon offers several networking events across Colorado’s Front Range, as well as referral groups that attract professionals who network to give rather than get.  You will find Sabrina speaking to audiences about effective networking techniques, the power of partnerships, and principles of service and giving as a means to grow a business.  To learn more about Behind The Moon, please visit http://www.BehindTheMoonInc.com

5 Responses to About Sabrina Risley

  1. sue wade says:

    I just wanted to say how proud I am of you! Your company has grown and developed from a servant’s heart and that is why you are successful. I am honored to call you “friend”.

  2. carla keldie says:

    I’m a Premium Member with Behind the Moon, Sabrina is a Power Partner to us all. Thank You.

    I also recently joined the Behind the Moon (South Denver Metro Referral Group) and it is Awesome
    again many Power Partners. Please take a serious look at Partnering with Behind the Moon and Sabrina.
    I’m on Spotlight, so please read who I am and what I do.
    Again, Sabrina has make it possible for us to connect and Power Partner with Behind the Moon
    business members. Please use all these tools Behind the Moon offers, you will grow your business
    and benefit others.

  3. Hello Sabrina.

    Congratulations on your award from Bob Burg. I am so glad you won so I can see what an exceptional company you have. I am starting my own networking company called North Bay Networking. If you have time, I would love to visit with you on the phone or email. I had a great conversation with Bob a couple of weeks ago and I felt like I won the prize!

    My cell is 707-696-8419 and my email is : dex0407@gmail.com
    I would also like to LinkIn with you if possible.

    Your company has inspired me.

    Gregory Jones
    North Bay Networking Group

  4. Gregory,
    Thank you for your kind words! Did you know that Bob Burg will be in Sacramento on 10/13/11? http://www.burg.com/events/ He is amazing, isn’t he? You’ve definitely won a grand prize having Bob as a friend!

    I am happy to visit with you by phone about your new networking company. I will reach out to you so we can set something up.



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