The 7 Secrets to Soulful Marketing

By Andrea Costantine

Have you ever wondered how you could grow your business more authentically and with more soul?  Well, it’s time you found out.
(Following is an excerpt from the book Soulful Marketing: Heart Centered Marketing for Conscious Entrepreneurs,which is being GIVEN away for FREE through May 20, 2011. Grab your copy here and read Sabrina’s chapter included in the book, Networking Is More Than A Numbers Game).

There are seven foundational essentials that are extremely important in order for the principles of Soulful Marketing to transform your business. These essentials include self-expression, a service mindset, heart based marketing, living your life purpose, having passion for your work, a desire to achieve big things – no regard for living a mediocre life – and a deep commitment to your success.

#1 Self-Expression

Self-expression is a pivotal part of having a thriving business.  There is no point in having a business that leaves you feeling drained, unappreciated, and lacks creativity. Self-expression comes in many forms and is unique to each individual. That in itself is the beauty of it. One person may feel fully self-expressed building websites all day, while another needs to paint, write, or speak. Self-expression is the core truth of who you are and what you stand for.  Knowing what you value and living these values in your daily life is the key to self-expression. A business that doesn’t allow you the room to create from the deepest levels of who you are will leave you feeling drained, burned out, and exhausted.

#2 Service Mindset

A service-mindset, which I will go into more detail about later, is the way to remove the neediness out of your business, take the selling out of your offer, and allow you to “serve” your soul-market. A service mindset eliminates the worry of whether or not a prospect will buy or take advantage of your products. It is also the secret behind creating magnetic energy that attracts clients to you – effortlessly.

#3 Heart Based Marketing

Heart based-marketing is about tapping into the core of who your soul-clients are, figuring out what problems you can solve for them, what you do to bring value to their lives and then speaking and marketing to them in a way that shows you are the solution to their challenges. This is marketing without fear. You do not need to use the typical fear style marketing that many businesses use in the world today. Instead, you can reach people at a soul level in order to inspire them to purposeful action.

#4 An Expression of Your Purpose

Your business must be an expression of your life purpose. Having a business solely to make money without regard for the product or services that you are offering, cannot work under the Soulful Marketing paradigm.  Each person’s life purpose is defined differently, and if you are unsure of whether or not you are living your life purpose, I highly suggest you take advantage of the many ways in which you can discover this powerful life changing information.

Without knowing your true life purpose, it’s all too easy to flounder in your business and wane back and forth on the direction you would like to go. Knowing your life’s purpose will help you move forward faster and with more confidence. I must admit when I first discovered these things about myself, I realized it was my right and responsibility to fulfill my divine destiny. It adds clarity to your business – even if you aren’t sure of “how” you will live it after you have “discovered yourself.”

#5 Passion

Passion and purpose tie in together. Without one you cannot have the other. Sadly, there are times when I come across someone who has lost their passion for their work. Passion is required for your business; otherwise, it’s all too easy not to send out that marketing email, not to make that phone call, to hide behind administrative work, and not to put yourself out there. Passion is the key that drives you. If you can keep your passion high and practice proper self-care to illuminate your soul, you can make it through the difficult times and overcome adversity and fears that are a natural part of being an entrepreneur.

#6 Strong Desire to Live Big

Those who implement Soulful Marketing must have a strong desire to do big things with their life and business and refuse to settle with living a mediocre life. I am serious when I say that if you are okay with living a mediocre life then this is not the book and way for you. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with mediocrity – in fact, some days I crave it – but in general, if you aren’t committed to playing out fully in your life and achieving the biggest possible vision for yourself – finding success as a soulful entrepreneur will be almost impossible.

#7 Commitment

Lastly, you need a deep commitment to your work. Without this commitment it is impossible to achieve your aspirations as there will be days, moments, or even weeks when the going will get tough. It is only with commitment that you can fight back and resist the urge to walk out on your dreams.

            When it comes to implementing the work presented in this book, it is critical that you assess whether your business meets these seven essential foundations of Soulful Marketing. If you find that you are lacking in even one area, seek out support to bridge the gap. It’s only when all seven of these principles are in action that you will prosper and your business will grow.

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Andrea Costantine is the co-creator of Speaking Your Truth: Courageous Stories from Inspiring Women and How to Bring Your Book to Life This Year: An Exploratory Guidebook on Writing and Self-Publishing. Andrea is passionate about service, self-expression, and creativity and enjoys unleashing that spirit in others. Andrea is a professional freelance writer, author, speaker, and artist. She resides in Denver, CO.

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Building Rapport For Immediate Results

By Andrea Costantine

In the business and marketing world, experts agree that people do business with individuals they know, like and trust. Building rapport with others helps to establish the know-like-trust factor, thereby increasing your potential to do business with those you meet while networking.  Rapport is a critical to growing your business, building trust, and improving your relationship with others. High levels of rapport allow potential clients to move through your sales cycle faster, converts clients to utilize your services longer, and helps them to easily and quickly begin referring business to you.

So, what is rapport?  Rapport can be defined in a variety of ways however each has its place in the daily work of a professional.  An online search defines rapport as:

*A relationship of mutual understanding or trust and agreement between people

* Commonality of perspective: being in “sync” with, or “being on the same wavelength” as the person you are talking with.

* A feeling of comfort or connectedness between people

* The presence of harmony, trust, and cooperation in relationship

By the definitions alone you can gather the importance rapport has on not only attracting new clients and business partners, but actually retaining them for long-term profitable relationships.

Building rapport is a learned skill and understanding some basic yet key points about how you interact with others can significantly improve the rapport you have with them.  Rapport can be gained by finding commonality, offering compliments when appropriate, acknowledging others, heart-based listening and effectively communicating.  Even words, body language and tone all contribute to increasing or decreasing your rapport with others.

While entrepreneurs and professionals may realize the importance of rapport, many often forget to establish rapport first or struggle with understanding how to effectively and quickly build rapport to connect with new contacts. While establishing rapport with others is often subconscious and intuitive, the ability to build rapport is a skill that can be developed with training, tweaking, practice and awareness.

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Andrea Costantine is a writer, speaker, and wanna-be artist, focusing on the good things in life.  She is a perpetual optimist, lover of nature, yoga, travel, and new experiences.  Learn more about Andrea at

Take Action!

Lately I have seen a lot of people who are overwhelmed, confused, and unhappy.  What I have noticed about some of these folks is that they don’t take action or they spend all their time doing the wrong things.

I know there have been many days when I have been sitting at my desk all day, perhaps longer than just the normal 9 to 5, and then asked myself, “What did I really get done?”  On these days, I definitely did not feel productive and instead, I just felt overwhelmed, even though I had put in more than a full day of work.
Then there are some days when I felt great and I knew what I was accomplishing was bringing me closer to my goals.  Those were days in which I was in action modeworking on the right things.  And it felt great!
So what sets apart inaction versus action and right and wrong activities?  Well the action is when you are working on your “high payoff activities.”  These are activities that bring you closer to your goal.  They do not include the normal “to-do list” items such as answering emails, filing and shuffling papers, and balancing your checkbook.  However, they do include anything that literally brings you one-step closer to your goal(s).  To figure out your “high payoff activities,” you need some clearly defined goals that you can break down into little fragments or mini-goals.  These mini-goals then become your daily high payoff activities to focus on.
We all have “to-do” lists that really do not bring us closer to anything but maybe a cleaner house or less junk mail on the counter.  Be kind to yourself.  Sometimes these things can wait longer.  Learn to ignore the little distractions in your life.  If I paid attention to all of them, I’d spend the majority of my day cleaning and re-cleaning my closet. While I’d have a clean house, that’s all I would have.
How do you get into action?
If you are having trouble getting into action, you need to assess a few different things.
1. Am I not taking action because this is not something I want to be, do, or have?  Or is my desire to take action not greater than my desire to not take action?  If this is the case, you may need to reassess where you are going and get aligned to your purpose and passion.  Maybe you are working toward goals that do not fit you or your purpose anymore.  In this case, it is okay to release them and start working on something that does bring you passion and purpose.
2. Is there a belief that if I try to do what I want, that I might fail?  If you have fear of failure or fear of success, know that this is normal and that many people go through these same emotions.  BUT the only way to get over it is to start doing something that counteracts that belief.  You will raise your self-confidence and self-esteem with each action step you take, so it is VITAL to keep taking action.  It builds momentum.
3. You do not know the “HOW” of reaching your goals. Many people have big dreams, but they are paralyzed because they cannot see the how.  “How” is a dirty little word when it comes to achieving goals.  Stop asking yourself (or others) this question, because the fact is, until you commit to your goals, dreams, or purpose, the how will never show up.  You have to first commit to them and then you have to be open to seeing the signs and receiving divine inspiration.  I promise, make the commitment and the “How” will magically show up. 😉
If you are having trouble getting into action, get support whether it is from a friend, a mentor, a coach, or a group of like-minded people.  Start taking action today. There is no time like NOW.
“To be successful, you have to do what successful people do, and successful people are highly action-oriented.”
~Jack Canfield
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Thank you Andrea Costantine for this contribution.  Andrea is a writer, speaker, and wanna-be artist, focusing on the good things in life.  She is a perpetual optimist, lover of nature, yoga, travel, and new experiences.  Learn more about Andrea at

Five Keys To Authentic Marketing

by Andrea Costantine

For a long time, I struggles between doing what I thought other people thought I should do and with what was really important to me.  Lately, I have been seeing all the signs that authentic marketing is the best and only marketing.  So today, I want to give you permission to be yourself.
1.  Always be your best self. In addition to not only being authentic in everything you do, be your best. Give people your all and if you cannot for any reason, then let them know immediately. You will get a better response from people if you are honest about your true abilities than if you pretend you are something you are not.
2.  Don’t be afraid to show the real you. If you are really silly and quirky – show it. If you have a side of you that no one knows about it – tell people. If you have children, talk about them. People want to know you. Remember people buy from people and building relationships are the only way to move ahead. When you show your true self, whether it is pictures of your cats or stories of your vacation, people want to know about it. Don’t be shy; share your message with the world!
3.  Stay the course. You will come across some people who may not connect with you, and guess what? That is completely okay. I learned this lesson early in life and it is an important one. You won’t do business with everybody and everybody is not going to do business with you. We need to connect with people. That’s why there is so much abundance in the world. One person can’t have it all, because there is plenty to go around.
4.  Always give more in use value than you get in monetary value. This ties in with giving your best self, but it is much more than that. Go a step above for people, go with the intent and mindset who can I serve, who can I give to and move away from the thinking of what can I get and what can I take. People can smell a rat and they will run the other way. Give, give, and give some more!
5.  Know your core values. What do you really value in life? Sometimes many people don’t even know the answer to this. They just go through life unconsciously, not even knowing what is important to them. I guarantee that what is important to you is important to your target market. Start expressing your values to others in what you do. Work with integrity and never waiver from that. You will quickly gain respect!
Be yourself, be authentic, act with integrity. When you work in these ways you will attract all that you desire into your life. But if you are going around trying to be someone or something you are not, life will be hard, it will be a struggle, and you will never feel fully aligned with your work and life.
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Andrea Costantine is a writer, speaker, and wanna-be artist, focusing on the good things in life.  She is a perpetual optimist, lover of nature, yoga, travel, and new experiences.  Learn more about Andrea at


Keeping F.O.C.U.S.

By Andrea Costantine

In this day and age when we are receiving over 10,000 messages daily through the radio, Internet, email, television, blackberries, iPhone’s and more, the term “focus” seems like something of the past.  

Adults seem to be riddled with their own ADHD-like tendencies by checking emails incessantly throughout the day, answering midday unexpected phone calls, and getting interrupted every so often by co-workers, urgent emails, instant messages and texts.  

With all that interruption, no wonder we feel scattered, disorganized, and have complete lack of control.

I have created FIVE keys to help you keep the F.O.C.U.S.

F: Finish what you start  –  make time to finish anything that you start. If you are checking emails, respond to the emails right away. If you get your mail, go through it right then and there. Finish whatever project you are working on before moving on to the next item. Finishing what you start will leave you feeling like you accomplished a lot more in each day than half-heartedly doing multiple tasks.

O – Organize your life –  a clear office and workspace will keep you on task and less distracted. Keep up with administrative tasks by scheduling one day monthly to file, type up, organize, tie  up loose ends. When you are organized you will be more productive and will have a clear head to start every day. Clean your desk at the end of every workday, never leave with a stack of papers or anything messy that can start off the next day in a frenzy.

C-  Create the top six – Know the six most important items for you to work on, plan your day the night before and do those six items before you do anything else. Planning your day the night before gives your subconscious mind time to figure out how to complete those tasks you want to finish. Some people don’t even allow themselves to check emails or anything else until their top six items are completed. (These are highly productive, successful people!) Start with the top three if six is too much. 

U – Use time blocks – Use blocks or chunks of time for specific activities and tasks. Perhaps Monday is creation day, Tuesday’s are networking meetings, Wednesday’s are marketing days, etc. Even within those days you can block your time out even more narrowing down each task throughout the day and then having only a limited number of time to work on an ongoing project.  When you block your time and don’t allow interruptions, you can be more focused to get work done more timely.

S – Schedule wisely – schedule appointments according to your schedule, not everyone else’s.  If someone wants to see you on a Tuesday, but you only do appointments on Monday, wait until the following week to make that appointment.  Schedule everything including email time, working out, lunch, etc. Keep to a schedule and move along from task to task easily and effortlessly.

Consider this… when you are scattered and jumping from one thing to another, you can actually feel dissatisfaction at the end of your workday.  True focus is tough. I am surely not perfect at it but getting better and better. I do know how great I feel when I have had a truly focused day.

Sometimes focused work may only be an hour or two, but that hour or two could be leading you to a more prosperous life and business

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Andrea Costantine is a writer, speaker, and wanna-be artist, focusing on the good things in life.  She is a perpetual optimist, lover of nature, yoga, travel, and new experiences.  Learn more about Andrea at

Elements of an Effective 30-Second Introduction

By Sabrina Risley
One of the greatest networking challenges I hear from professionals is knowing what constitutes an effective 30-second introduction.  This is often called a 30-second commercial or elevator speech.  Regardless of its name, when delivered effectively, a powerful 30-second introduction can open windows of opportunity for you and your business.
The goal of the 30-second introduction is simply to catch the attention of contacts, power partners and fellow colleagues when you are asked “what do you do for a living?”  It is not meant to be used to make a sale or close a deal, but rather to give just enough information causing others to become curious and interested in knowing more about what you do.  You want to give just enough information to gain their interest without overwhelming them with the nitty-gritty details of your products/services. When you rattle off too much information, your listeners may become overwhelmed, shut down and you lose out on the opportunity to relate and share on a more personal level.
To ensure your 30-second introduction packs a powerful punch, here are some factors to keep in mind:
  • Everyone gets nervous when delivering their introduction, especially when standing in front of a group.  Take a deep breath and don’t rush through your words.
  • Speak clearly, slowly, intentionally and project your voice through your entire introduction.
  • Use concise and relevant points related to what you do and how you serve others.
  • Make eye contact with each individual and don’t “skim” the room. Making eye contact helps you to connect with each person and give the feeling that you are speaking to an individual rather than a room full of people.
  • Practice before you speak.  Take time to think about what you are going to say, test it out on friends, your coach, or power partners and ask for their feedback.  If you are nervous, it’s okay to read from a notecard.  You can even let people know it’s a new introduction as they will empathize with your vulnerability and honesty.
  • Know your audience and be prepared with a few different introductions. It’s important to be flexible depending upon who you are addressing.
  • Since you only have 30 seconds, highlight one product/service versus sharing details on everything you offer.  Trying to cover too many products/services forces you to be general and vague about each.  Highlight a different product/service the next time you do your introduction, allowing people to learn more about you each time you deliver your introduction.
  • Leave people wanting to know a little more so they are intrigued and want to talk with you further about what you offer. The best thing is to have someone come up after an event and ask questions about what you offer.
  • Mention the target market you are able to or enjoy helping most (ie, realtor enjoys first-time home buyers, interior designer enjoys helping professionals arrange their office space for greatest efficiency).
  • End with a catchy slogan or special you are offering.
  • Above all, be respectful and do not go over any time limits set for your introduction.
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Sabrina Risley founded Behind The Moon, Inc.® in 2003, a Colorado-based networking and referral group organization that sets itself apart with its motto “grow your business by helping others grow theirs.” Behind The Moon offers several networking events across Colorado’s Front Range, as well as referral groups that attract professionals who network to give rather than get.  You will find Sabrina speaking to audiences about effective networking techniques, the power of partnerships, and principles of service and giving as a means to grow a business.  To learn more about Behind The Moon, please visit

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