Shifting Perspective: When You Don’t Receive the Business

by Sabrina Risley

You have nurtured a prospect for weeks, perhaps months or even years, you have handled any objections or reasons they say they cannot or will not buy from you, but then it happens. They make a decision and choose to hire “someone else.”

Many of us have been there. Perhaps you have too.

It leaves us questioning what went wrong. Did it come down to our price? Was it personality? Did the other company offer something you did not?

Here’s what you can do when you don’t get the business, but you still want to save the relationship.

  1. Let your contact know that you understand that they need to make decisions that are in the best interest of their company. Ensure they know you are still there for them, to support them should they need anything or have any questions.
  2. Continue to check-in and follow up with your contact so they know it’s “okay” they did not choose you.  Believe it or not, people feel badly, and perhaps even guilty, about not choosing you, especially if they like you personally.
  3. As you relieve the tension, it opens the opportunity to ask a question such as, “I’m just curious, what was the deciding factor in going with XYZ Company?”  Coming from a place of curiosity allows people to share freely. As they share with you, you can then ask if there is anything you could have done differently to have received the business. You’ll want to find out if it was cost, service, timing, trust or another factor.
  4. Continue to add value.  They will appreciate and remember you should they have the opportunity to refer business to you.  Additionally, they may become unhappy with the provider they chose and when the opportunity arises, perhaps they will hire you the next time around.   If you have continued to build the relationship, they will more likely feel comfortable and confident giving you a call to make a change.

In the end, if you do not get the business, evaluate and learn from the experience and be sure not to “write people off” when they choose another option.  Over time, if the relationship does not grow into one that is mutually beneficial, you can decide whether or not to continue nurturing it.  But by all means, “no” is never a good reason to stop cultivating a connection.  Just imagine how continuing to serve sets you apart from other companies in your industry!

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Sabrina Risley founded Behind The Moon, Inc.® in 2003, a Colorado-based networking organization that sets itself apart with its motto “grow your business by helping others grow theirs.” Behind The Moon offers several monthly networking events across Colorado’s Front Range, attracting professionals who network to give rather than get. You will find Sabrina speaking to audiences about effective networking techniques, the power of partnerships, and principles of service and giving as a means to grow a business. To receiving Sabrina’s free report, Networking For Success , please visit


Five Ways To Avoid The Summer Sales Slump

by Liz Wendling, Sales Coach for Women

The heat is on and talk of the dreaded summer sales slump has begun. The same excuses have surfaced and they have arrived right on schedule. Any of these sound familiar? “I may as well take off early today, nobody’s buying.” “It’s too hot to sell anything to anybody.” “All my customers are on vacation.”  Really?  Are you just going to give up and stop selling for the next ninety-four days?

Many people do take vacations in the summer – a week or so here and there – but they are still working the rest of the time.  Even if your particular business slows down during the summer months that does not mean you throw in the beach towel, take a siesta and wait for fall.

Smart business owners are seeing the summer as a good opportunity to re-evaluate their business plan and goals. They are using this time wisely to plot out new strategies and experiment on new methods to increase their sales performance. Some are even hiring a sales coach to help.

Here are five sales strategies to avoid the summer slump:

Change your attitude – Your attitude creates the space in which you will perform in your business. If you believe the summer is slow and your sales will slump, than that is what you shall receive. Continue your sales activities like it is February or March. Perform in the same manner as you would in those months.

Commit to win – It is the commitment to win that gives you the edge, and gives you the creativity and the innovation to restructure and redesign your sales strategies.  Making a commitment to win gives you the ability to think differently, which creates new opportunities that will give you the advantages you need to succeed.

Sharpen your tools – Most salespeople don’t spend enough time working on improving their sales skills and techniques. If your business is slower in the summer, take the time to learn how to sell more effectively and get involved in a sales coaching program. Begin now by putting your own plan in place to sharpen your sales skills and hone your sales techniques. Great salespeople do not blame the seasons for their slump.

Increase sales activities – In the summer months, companies and salespeople cut their sales activities.  They actually have said to me, “If we are not going to sell anything, what is the point?”  It is completely backwards thinking and the type of thinking that will keep you exactly where you are. Increasing your sales activity will increase sales results.

Don’t believe the hype – One of the biggest problems with this summer slump chatter is that salespeople use the chatter to fuel the fire and make excuses about themselves and their business. People tend to believe everything they hear and see instead of challenging the summer slowdown belief.  If you perceive no one is around and everyone is on vacation then you are setting yourself up for a negative, self-fulfilling prophecy and your sales will take a long siesta.

The options are endless to avoid the summer slump; have a summer special, make a few more calls, prospect, follow-up, reach out to old clients, visit existing clients, go to more networking events, ask for referrals. I could go on and shoot a few more holes in the summer sales slump excuses but I think you get the point.

Liz Wendling, the sales coach for women is one of Denver’s top sales coaches. Liz believes everyone is in sales and specializes in teaching women and business leaders how to prosper by overcoming the fear and anxiety inherent in sales. She coaches women (and smart men) on how to create immediate sales results, achieve lasting business success and permanently raise their bottom line. For a FREE download of the Seven Deadly Sales Mistakes And How To Avoid Them! Go to or e-mail

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Collabora-Preneurship May Be Your Next Step

By Sabrina Risley

While many professionals I meet are solo-preneurs, they are not necessarily flying solo.  Ditto with regard to employees building a portfolio or book of business for a small, mid or large sized organization.  In fact, many professionals are recognizing the power of collaborating with others to leverage resources they may not have at their fingertips.  They are becoming what I like to refer to as “collabora-preneurs.” 

A collabora-preneur is someone who collaborates with others in business to meet a common goal.  You see, you can’t do everything on your own and still give 100% of your attention where it is needed most.  Whether working for yourself or someone else, collaboration is one of the golden tickets to your success.  If something stops you from meeting your goal(s) or from expanding, find someone who or a company that can fill the space.  Do not make the mistake of thinking you and your company have to deliver what the market demands when you can leverage expertise that already exists. 

Some of the benefits to collaborating include:

(1)  Making use of someone else’s expertise

(2)  Leveraging manpower and resources

(3)  Cross-promoting and co-marketing

(4)  Brainstorming ideas and masterminding

(5)  Expanding without losing focus of core competency

(6)  Offering more to existing customers.

Allow me to offer up my company as an example of collabora-preneurship.  Since 2004, Behind The Moon (BTM) has offered networking events to Colorado professionals.  After five years, I thought it was time to expand our services and in 2009, BTM ventured into offering referral groups to the professional community, known better as leads groups.  It was not my forte but, with the proper due diligence, would be a nice complement and stepping stone to further our success.  Instead of additional success, what I found was that developing and operating leads groups was a distraction and took me away from the forward progress of BTM’s core competency, networking events and educating professionals on effective networking techniques.  I found myself overworked and under great self-inflicted pressure, attempting to over-deliver on a service with which I had very little experience and expertise.

After 18 months of reinventing the wheel (which I highly discourage), I realized I lacked the available time to dedicate to fully developing and delivering an outstanding leads group service.  However, rather than discard my efforts, I decided this would be an ideal opportunity to collaborate with another company.  It is June 2011 and I am thrilled to announce that BTM has joined forces with Mark Hiatt of Business Leads of America (BLA).  As long as BTM has been offering networking events to professionals, BLA been offering leads groups, and has done so very successfully.  BLA operates 12 leads groups throughout Colorado and 5 in Arizona.

BTM and BLA form a strong partnership as, among other reasons, both our organizations can now leverage services of the other without distraction from our core competency.   As a result, BTM and BLA members gain greater value, a stronger community, plus tools and resources now available to impact their personal and professional growth.  This is an alliance that benefits both communities.

If you are itching to venture into a new market or offer a new product or service, collaborating or collabora-preneurship may be the next step to consider.

See Tips For A Successful Joint Venture for information about what to look for in a partner.

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