The Softer Side of Networking: Heart

By Sabrina Risley

Push. Shove. Convince. Sell. I don’t know about you, but none of these words resonate with me. Likely, they don’t resonate with you either. Yet, most people embody this type of energy when networking to grow their business, even if they say they don’t like being “sold to,” “convinced,” or “pushed” into a buying decision.

These habits stem from repeating what we’ve seen others do, instead of following our own guidance on what feels right and natural: connecting and building relationships.

And as you’ve probably noticed, those old ways of being have started to crumble and are no longer working for professionals.  This energy just causes walls to go up, making it hard to connect with people.

Let’s look at how to build your business differently, using your heart at the start. When you take a heart-centered approach to networking, it doesn’t mean swapping tears, woes, and tales. It’s simply a matter of taking a people-first approach.

Heart-centered networking essentially means connecting with people on a deeper level. It’s having a conversation with someone you meet, without having an agenda or an intention to ‘go in for the close.’  It’s means allowing yourself to open up to someone, to see and hear what they really need, to welcome the opportunity to share referrals, relationships, power partners, and not feel threatened by competition or spending dollars.  It’s looking for opportunities to serve and contribute.  It’s understanding the passion behind someone’s work and the results they produce so you can become one of their cheerleaders or raving fans.

Heart-centered networking is also an energy. It’s a way to “be” with people. When you are in a place of being heart-centered, you aren’t zooming around the room in attempt to collect as many business cards as possible. Instead, you are taking the time to get to know each person you meet and looking for a connection.

When you are in a space of practicing heart-centered networking, you…

  • —  SLOW DOWN and ENJOY, CONNECT & BE with people!
  • —  Get INVOLVED in their story
  • —  Project GOODWILL upon them
  • —  Show EMOTION when appropriate
  • —  CARE deeply for them
  • —  Open your HEART to them
  • —  SHARE yourself with them

 It also means there is…

  • —  No Selling
  • —  No Neediness
  • —  No Me-Focused Actions 

Heart-centered networking is a co-creative experience between two professionals. When you use your heart in professional networking, you allow others the chance to make a connection with you in a deeper and more meaningful way. They’ll never forget you for that. And without even needing to explain what you do for work, they will be drawn to your energy, will become a fan of yours, singing your praises just because they see your real character.  All of this because you are a professional with whom they have a connection, they can trust and can pass business to with confidence.  Why wouldn’t they want to do business with you and recommend you to others? I know I would.

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Sabrina Risley founded Behind The Moon, Inc.® in 2003, a Colorado-based networking organization that sets itself apart with its motto “grow your business by helping others grow theirs.” Behind The Moon offers several networking events across Colorado’s Front Range that attract professionals who network to give rather than get. You will find Sabrina speaking to audiences about effective networking techniques, the power of partnerships, and principles of service and giving as a means to grow a business. Sign up for Sabrina’s free report, Networking For Success at


The 7 Secrets to Soulful Marketing

By Andrea Costantine

Have you ever wondered how you could grow your business more authentically and with more soul?  Well, it’s time you found out.
(Following is an excerpt from the book Soulful Marketing: Heart Centered Marketing for Conscious Entrepreneurs,which is being GIVEN away for FREE through May 20, 2011. Grab your copy here and read Sabrina’s chapter included in the book, Networking Is More Than A Numbers Game).

There are seven foundational essentials that are extremely important in order for the principles of Soulful Marketing to transform your business. These essentials include self-expression, a service mindset, heart based marketing, living your life purpose, having passion for your work, a desire to achieve big things – no regard for living a mediocre life – and a deep commitment to your success.

#1 Self-Expression

Self-expression is a pivotal part of having a thriving business.  There is no point in having a business that leaves you feeling drained, unappreciated, and lacks creativity. Self-expression comes in many forms and is unique to each individual. That in itself is the beauty of it. One person may feel fully self-expressed building websites all day, while another needs to paint, write, or speak. Self-expression is the core truth of who you are and what you stand for.  Knowing what you value and living these values in your daily life is the key to self-expression. A business that doesn’t allow you the room to create from the deepest levels of who you are will leave you feeling drained, burned out, and exhausted.

#2 Service Mindset

A service-mindset, which I will go into more detail about later, is the way to remove the neediness out of your business, take the selling out of your offer, and allow you to “serve” your soul-market. A service mindset eliminates the worry of whether or not a prospect will buy or take advantage of your products. It is also the secret behind creating magnetic energy that attracts clients to you – effortlessly.

#3 Heart Based Marketing

Heart based-marketing is about tapping into the core of who your soul-clients are, figuring out what problems you can solve for them, what you do to bring value to their lives and then speaking and marketing to them in a way that shows you are the solution to their challenges. This is marketing without fear. You do not need to use the typical fear style marketing that many businesses use in the world today. Instead, you can reach people at a soul level in order to inspire them to purposeful action.

#4 An Expression of Your Purpose

Your business must be an expression of your life purpose. Having a business solely to make money without regard for the product or services that you are offering, cannot work under the Soulful Marketing paradigm.  Each person’s life purpose is defined differently, and if you are unsure of whether or not you are living your life purpose, I highly suggest you take advantage of the many ways in which you can discover this powerful life changing information.

Without knowing your true life purpose, it’s all too easy to flounder in your business and wane back and forth on the direction you would like to go. Knowing your life’s purpose will help you move forward faster and with more confidence. I must admit when I first discovered these things about myself, I realized it was my right and responsibility to fulfill my divine destiny. It adds clarity to your business – even if you aren’t sure of “how” you will live it after you have “discovered yourself.”

#5 Passion

Passion and purpose tie in together. Without one you cannot have the other. Sadly, there are times when I come across someone who has lost their passion for their work. Passion is required for your business; otherwise, it’s all too easy not to send out that marketing email, not to make that phone call, to hide behind administrative work, and not to put yourself out there. Passion is the key that drives you. If you can keep your passion high and practice proper self-care to illuminate your soul, you can make it through the difficult times and overcome adversity and fears that are a natural part of being an entrepreneur.

#6 Strong Desire to Live Big

Those who implement Soulful Marketing must have a strong desire to do big things with their life and business and refuse to settle with living a mediocre life. I am serious when I say that if you are okay with living a mediocre life then this is not the book and way for you. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with mediocrity – in fact, some days I crave it – but in general, if you aren’t committed to playing out fully in your life and achieving the biggest possible vision for yourself – finding success as a soulful entrepreneur will be almost impossible.

#7 Commitment

Lastly, you need a deep commitment to your work. Without this commitment it is impossible to achieve your aspirations as there will be days, moments, or even weeks when the going will get tough. It is only with commitment that you can fight back and resist the urge to walk out on your dreams.

            When it comes to implementing the work presented in this book, it is critical that you assess whether your business meets these seven essential foundations of Soulful Marketing. If you find that you are lacking in even one area, seek out support to bridge the gap. It’s only when all seven of these principles are in action that you will prosper and your business will grow.

Be sure to download the FREE ebook of Soulful Marketing: Heart Centered Marketing from Conscious Entrepreneurs at   – only available until midnight 5/20.11.

Andrea Costantine is the co-creator of Speaking Your Truth: Courageous Stories from Inspiring Women and How to Bring Your Book to Life This Year: An Exploratory Guidebook on Writing and Self-Publishing. Andrea is passionate about service, self-expression, and creativity and enjoys unleashing that spirit in others. Andrea is a professional freelance writer, author, speaker, and artist. She resides in Denver, CO.

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